Current Booster Club By Law

Colonial Hills Christian School
Athletic Booster Club Bylaws
Mission Statement:

The Colonial Hills Christian School “Rams” Booster Club is a non profit organization of
interested parents who voluntarily assist in the furtherance of interscholastic athletics as
an integral part of the educational and spiritual process of Colonial Hills Christian

Article 1 – Name, Purpose, Powers, Limitation of Powers
Section I Name – The name of the club is “The Rams Athletic Booster
Club” hereto referred as “The Booster Club”.
Section II Purpose – The purpose of the Athletic Booster Club is as follows:
(a) To raise funds for equipment, uniforms and programs
deemed desirable by the Athletic Director not specifically
provided by the school.
(b) To engender, foster and promote the athletic programs,
sportsmanship and school spirit at Colonial Hills Christian
(c) To assist and support the Athletic Director and coaches
who are involved in the administration, conduct and daily
operation of the athletic program.
Section III Powers – In support of the stated purpose, but not in limitation
thereof, the Athletic Booster Club shall have the power:
(a) To administrate and oversee special functions or fund
raisers that have been approved by the Athletic Director
and Headmaster.
(b) To solicit contributions including in-kind donations on
behalf of the Colonial Hill Christian Athletic Program, this
is to be coordinated through the Athletic Director and the
Developmental Director:

Section IV Limitation of Powers:
(a) The Booster Club members, representatives nor Officers
have authorization to spend or distribute any funds either
donated or raised for any purpose without the prior
approval of the Athletic Director.
(b) The Booster Club shall have no power in regards to the
formulation or discontinuance of any Athletic program or
policy of Colonial Hills Christian School.
(c) All funds must be kept by the school in a dedicated account
and will be reviewed annually by a certified CPA as a part
of the schools annual financial review process.
Article II – Membership
Section I Eligibility
(a) Regular membership in the Colonial Hills Christian School
Rams Athletic Booster Club shall be open to all Colonial
Hills Christian School Teachers, Parents and students.
(b) Associate membership in the Club shall be open to adults
who are not parents of students attending Colonial Hills
Christian School but subscribe to the purpose, goals and
policies of the Club. Associate Members cannot hold
office in the Club, although they may become members of
a committee and or special work groups.
Section II Members in Good Standing – A member shall be deemed in good
standing when annual dues are paid. Dues are non-refundable.
Section III Termination of Membership – Membership in the Club may be
(a) For non-payment of dues.
(b) Through resignation – any member may voluntarily resign
from the Club.
(c) For Cause – any member that engages in activities
detrimental to the Club and or Colonial Hills Christian
School or the Athletic Department to include
unsportsmanship behavior at sporting events home or away
may be terminated as a member.
Article III – Meetings
Section I Annual Meeting – An annual meeting of members shall be held during
the month of August each year, on such a day and at such a place and hour
as determined by the Booster Club President and approved by the Athletic
Section II Regular Meetings – regular meetings of the membership of the Booster
Club shall be held during the following months at a time and place as
determined by the Booster Club President.
August, September, October, November, February, March and May
Section III Special Meetings – special meeting may be called only by the President
or Athletic Director.
Section IV Place of Meetings – The athletic Director or Booster President may
designate, with the approval of the Headmaster, a place within or without
the school building, as the place of meeting of the members.
Article IV – Officers – Duties and Responsibilities –
Section I Officers – The officers of the club shall be a President, Vice President,
Secretary and Treasurer. No two offices may be held at the same time by
the same person.
Section II Selection of Officers – The President of the Booster club will be selected
by the Athletic Director. All other officers may be nominated by the
membership or President and voted on by a two-thirds majority vote with
a minimum of 6 members present. In the event there are not six members
the President has the authority to put in place officers of his/her selection
that will uphold and support all the rules and regulations governing the
Athletic Booster Club as well as Colonial Hills Christian School.
Section III Qualifications – To be eligible as an officer, an individual must be a born
again Christian and faithful to their local church and be a member in good
Section IV Compensation – Officers of the Athletic Booster Club shall not receive
any compensation for their services.
Section V President – The President shall be the principal executive officer of the
Organization and shall in general supervise and control all the business
and affairs of the Club. He/She shall preside at all meetings. The
President reports to the Athletic Director the affairs of all such meetings.
The President is responsible for receiving the approval of special functions
and fund raisers from the Athletic Director prior to presenting any
information concerning said events to the club, school parents or athletic
team members or coaches. The President shall perform all duties
pertaining to the office and other such duties, as may be prescribed by the
Athletic Director and or Headmaster from time to time.
Section VI Vice President – In the absence of the President, or in the event of his/her
inability to act, the Vice President shall perform the duties of the
President, and when so acting shall have the powers of the President and
be subject to the same restrictions. TheVice President shall perform such
other duties as shall from time to time be assigned by the President or
Athletic Director.
Section VII Secretary – The Secretary of the Club shall be responsible for the proper
notification of meetings to include special meetings to the Club
membership, shall take and publish, in good form, the minutes of all
meetings, and in general perform all duties incident of the office of
Secretary to include other duties deemed necessary by the President.
Section VIII Treasurer – The Treasurer shall be in charge of the Club funds and
financial records. As Treasurer, he/she shall collect all member dues, and
be in charge of depositing any funds procured by the Club to the
appropriate authorized Colonial Hills Christian School representative.
The Treasurer shall report the financial condition of the Club to the
President and at times in meetings as deemed necessary by the President.
Article VI – Fiscal Year
Section I The Fiscal Year shall be from July 1st through June 30th, inclusive.
Article VII – Committees – Dues
Section I Committees – The President shall appoint from the membership such
committees as deemed necessary to conduct the affairs of the Club.
He/She shall prescribe the Committee functions and designate the
Chairman. Any member of any Committee may be removed by the
President, Athletic Director or Headmaster whenever in the judgment of
the above mentioned, the best interest of the Club or Colonial Hills
Christian School shall be served by such removal.
Section II Dues – The rate of dues shall be established by vote of a majority of the
Club membership present during the meeting of such business, pending
the approval of the Headmaster.
Article VIII – Checks, Deposits, Spending of Club Funds
Section I Checks – All purchases must be pre-approved by the Athletic Director.
Request for disbursement or reimbursement of Club funds must be sent to
the Athletic Director for approval via a Colonial Hills Baptist Church
(CHBC) requisition form.
Section II Deposits – All funds of the Club will be deposited with an authorized
employee of Colonial Hills Christian School no later than two days after
each Club function. Club funds will be kept in the financial institution of
the schools choosing and may not be kept in any other financial account.
All monies received by and through the Club must be accounted for
through a two person system while the funds are counted and verified in
writing as to validate the amount received. One of the two must be the
Club Treasurer and another member or officer appointed by the President.
In the event the Treasurer is unable to perform this duty the President may
appoint another officer to include him/herself.
These Bylaws were accepted by the Head Master and Athletic Director on June 6, 2006.
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Athletic Director _________________________________